If you’re preparing for a residential move and need secure storage for some of your belongings, in many cases you may need to utilize long-term residential storage. The process of moving your personal belongings to storage, particularly large items, can take time, and they also may need to sit in storage for a time during the process of selecting your new home and planning your move. This is where long-term storage comes in.

The difference between short-term and long-term residential storage is primarily one of timing. Short-term household storage is often used if the details of your residential move are already set, or anytime you know that the storage will be very temporary. However, if you are having a new home built, or if you’re still house-hunting, long-term storage is often necessary. Another reason to use long-term storage is if you’ll be traveling for an extended period and want to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your belongings are safe.

When looking for short or long term self storage in Massachusetts,  there’s no better cost-effective solution than 21st Century Moving and Storage secure storage facilities.

Whether you are seeking to limit your shipment size, rent your home while you’re away, or not quite ready to take delivery of your home or office goods, 21st Century storage will typically cost only a small fraction of the usual expense associated with other retail self-storage companies.